This guy I was hitching back to Atlanta from Kansas for a funeral and I was about two hundred miles away, right on the other side of Birmingham and this guy, „where you going?“ „East?“ „Sorry I‘m going west.“ It’s all good. He turns back around and like“I‘ll give you a ride.“ And it was fine for about sixty miles. Then he pulls off the freeway and starts driving off into nowhere. He pulls over and he was like „excuse me where are you going?“ I really want to know where are you taking me right now. He was like, „oh I have to piss.“ Being real evasive about answering the question. And he kept driving and I was like „really where are we going?“ You need to tell me where we‘re going cause I don‘t feel comfortable with this. And he was like, „oh I gotta to find a place to piss.“ I was like, „There was four or five bushes I would have gone behind already.“ So we drove out into the middle of nowhere for forty five straight minutes. You know the sun was going down. He stops in this clearing and you know does his thing. I get out to check on my gear and I don‘t want to be in the truck if this dudes gonna attack me. I want to be out of the vehicle. We started sizing each other up. And he like, „are you interested in fooling around?“ Like, „no I‘m not. I‘m a hitchhiker, not a hooker. There’s a huge difference there. You didn‘t have to give me a ride anywhere. Just take me back to the freeway.“ He didn‘t move. He just kept on staring at me. I started reaching for my knife. Right about the time my hand got to my knife, my little brother called on my phone. And I told him, “ you see that. That’s my family. I‘ll be missed.“ Ever since then I try not to hitchhike. I just try to stay stick with freight. Because at least if I‘m alone, I‘m alone. You know that’s pretty scary, I thought I was gonna have to stab that guy. I really didn‘t want to do it. You know I‘m not really a violent person.

Ne Menge weiterer Erzählungen us-amerikanischer, obdachloser Punker gibts hier. Teilweise echt übles Zeug. Auf ’nen Güterzug springen und irgendwo hinfahren, klingt aber auf jeden Fall cool.

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